Ride This Out / Dream Beat

by Vows

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released February 11, 2014



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Vows New Jersey

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Track Name: Ride This Out
I've lost the words and they've lost their meaning
there's nobody home
and I can't even close my eyes without you watching, you're watching me

You're going to have to ride this out a little longer

You can talk the talk, you're a digital hero
you've got those somber eyes that shake hands while they stab you
hypocrite, you know we go down together
I'm more than ready

This is how we both broke down
Wire bound but I'm still walking
Pull that cord and let us fly around like birds are circling the drain again
Track Name: Dream Beat
Why would you say that when you never really know where you're going to end up and how come you never told me all about yourself when we could have been there now

There's no more playing lies just look me in the eyes and tell me to be there for you

I've never been one to let go of the past and the mistakes I have made but everything has changed i swear it has I can prove this to you

I can hear your lonely cries can I look you in the eyes and promise I'll be there for you

I must've failed to realize so can you look me in the eyes and tell me to be there for you