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All songs written, recorded, mixed, and produced by

Album art - J/Hencken, J/Pupa

Released March 2014 through Tree Machine Records (treemachinerecords.com)


released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Vows New Jersey

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Track Name: BlackFish
Feeling like a black fish
In the water floating lifeless
And you are just a one-trick pony
Waiting around for the finale

Price tags hang like fly-paper
And I fit in with the furniture
Lock me up inside the grain of the wood
Forgotten pieces no one understood

Vacant salesmen
They can see trails when
There's blood in the water
So try a little harder

The other side of the room
The deepest end of the water
And all the eyes are watching you
And I don't know why you bother

So what does it matter anyway?
Track Name: Waste
You can make things clear
You can even make them blinding
You can blow the clouds away
Or give them all a silver lining

And you know how to make me happy
And you know things no one else knows
You set the snares so you could trap me
Standing in someone else's shadows

You're open-minded but I'll tell you I'm closed-down baby
What makes you think that I will go with you quietly
If you so much as look at us in the wrong way
Man I swear that you'll regret the things you're thinking
When your mind is such a waste

And you can stare me in the face
And tell me every word is binding
I know I've got a lot to waste
But you don't have to keep reminding
Track Name: Yellow Roses As A Suit Of Armor
With no one else around
The ticking in my head subsides
It feels like I'm floating ten feet off the ground
When you put on your bedroom eyes

We always take the long way home
Nothing ventured / nothing gained
Yellow roses as a suit of armor
With all the games they play
We know we're getting so much stronger

Far along the shoreline
We are harbored on the pier
Washed away from all the breaking waves
Hate to say I told you so
But the view is so much better up here

You never could make up your mind
And you look so much older now
I knew I'd find you there
Just fucking around with all those pretty faces
And now you're just running out of time
Yes, you're running out of time
Still running
Track Name: Oubliette
Who did you think you were never meant to be
One day I would like to meet myself
And I would like to scare myself away
In a dream it was me and you and me
We were one and one and one again
Melting in the sun and then we're free
As familiar faces that I will never meet
All those people always coming going
Sideways lost and never knowing me
Is there enough on paper because I can barely read
All those fables scrawled across the table
Here my dear is your lovely melody

"Funny meeting you here"
Track Name: Hotel On A Holiday
Shaking like a leaf and you can't explain the cause
You're falling just short of a victory, but that's ok
Because we got all day

The storm moves in quick
We are freezing in the backseat in sleeping bags
Man we gotta find someplace to stay
This hotel on a holiday

You've got to slow down
Theres two-thousand miles to go yet
You are not sure how
But you haven't even left home yet

Parts of me are ready to take the ride
The other parts are planted so firmly right here where I'm standing
She never lets me down, so why would she now
And I know you've got some fight in you anyhow
Can I count on you, babe, to go in my direction?
Track Name: Yearling
You chose to go this way
Too young to know the difference

Look at all those pretty lights
Look at all those pretty colors

Someone put the fire out
Inform me what I'm all about