Stranger Things

by Vows

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We'd like to thank everyone who helped us with this mammoth of an effort. It's been a long time coming and we sincerely hope you enjoy it and support our efforts. Thank you all so much for your love throughout the process. Enjoy!


released May 1, 2013

Written by J. Hencken and J. Pupa. Recorded @ The Septopus, Charlotte, NC. Produced by J.R. Snyder. Artwork by Lina Hsaio. 2013.



all rights reserved


Vows New Jersey

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Track Name: Carousel
Carousel, you don't mean to make me dizzy but you do - can't you tell? I don't mean to be so love-sick over you. Wild horses tied in golden circles for a ride on a carousel, we stampede around the faces of the moon.

Plant your feet in for the waves. The current grows a little wider, barriers begin to break. We are born and we would die here, this is space carved out for martyrs, this is space carved out for space. In the Fall, it's burning auburn.

I got lost in all the augmentations, color-coated decorations lighting up the sky...

Frozen mares, they gallop slowly toward the open-ended, stop pretending, music-blended, never-ending, overcrowded doom-impending. Riding on the carousel lighting up the sky.
Track Name: Sunday
It starts again and marks the end. The lonely souls are wandering around.

How many times is it gonna take me to find a way out of this?
I'm seeing a paradise through wild child eyes, home is where you are.

And it starts again...

Smoke and the broken mirrors. I'm a motion picture show, unresolved. But when it stops, a wild call to drag us all across the coals. And it comes soon thereafter far from our control. I feel it slipping through the cracks. I'm facing forward to move backwards. It plays in reverse.

Now is it right or is this gonna break me? I'm reading you loud and clear. This is a time when lonely souls begin to rise. Home is where you are.
Track Name: Nighttime
Just when you thought I would say "Hello!" to you as the clock turns its hands to the 2. The closed curtains we were soul-searching, we were spun around into a nighttime cocoon. You're uncertain for the Fall, the cold calls, and all the memories that you paved along the way. And I still wear your blood around my neck. It goes to show you that the show it must go on.

My god, we're praying, praying for a wash out. And I'm still debating, will this be the right time for it? My baby's wailing, wailing both her lungs out. Sunset is fading, fading into nighttime coming slow.

A little hit and I'm higher than jesus christ, and all hell would break loose, that's alright. The 4 horsemen, they would plot a course and come rolling towards the door. Suddenly, it's all the same. I don't understand how all the noises flew away into the woods. And if you could make a mistake and change all your plans so we could evaporate...I know...I think you should. It goes to show you that the show it must go...

She takes me home again.
I hope this rips your heart out.
Track Name: Auras
Black nightmares with red eyes lead us up to the mountain on top of which I told you I would be your man. And the pine barren lands of forgotten songs echo down below us where I would lay my head down to a solid rest and dream away with you.

But all I can say is that there's no reason to wake up yet.

Keep sailing on the ice, gliding over life. Flames light up your eyes, I am here for you always.

My love, don't it feel so familiar? When I run my fingers down your spine I'm frozen in time and exposed to the bone. I just want to bleed with you.

And all I can say is that there's no reason to wake up yet.
Track Name: Kushtaka (Two Beaches)
Last night my teeth fell out again - a dream of stress, a slumber fear. Bring all my ghosts to bed and then release the pressure when you are near. Midnight ship when down without a captain. Your subtle hands would save our souls...

(The sun would rise, so too shall I).

I was there, but we don't see the closed eyes in the snow. They're covered right over now. And I don't care to try and be someone else's dreams dealt out.

I move my tribe up towards the White North, homesteader lifestyle and nothing more. Over-saturations of a past life I've tossed behind, it's for the birds. My teeth still dance around my jawline - every night, I keep on losing more...

(The sun would rise, so too shall I. The burn would die and burn my eyes).

We were there, but I don't see the closed eyes in the snow. They're covered right over now. (Up and hide all your prying eyes). And no one cares to try and be someone else's dreams dealt out. The black hand or the curse. You would stare at your feet with nowhere else to hide...
Track Name: The Houses Below
You got a lot of fighting words to say. You got a lot to talk about and make a case for the worst. And all the candles dripping on the cake are spilling blood, but would it satisfy your thirst?

Hang the picture on the wall, it's never level. Bevelled edges wouldn't stand a chance against the sharpness of your teeth. May we have this one last waltz, just you and me?

Wait and lay with me again, ever so lazily above, floating through never eternally. Say what you need to say, but don't you pretend that if you would stay with me my love, how much forever would mean to me.

Each time we waltz on the stars they would fall and burn cigarette holes in the houses below.
Track Name: The Golden Hour
I don't know if it ever made much sense to hold on to it all. Sunken eyes, I'd wait for you until we're old and our eyes are of no use.

You move through words, past / present tenses. You were perfect in your gown. And just like birds on picket fences, we would never be held down. In our golden hour, we trade our hearts away. Night's love affair with day, and the moon sends her regards.

Whisper still on the river bed. You lay naked, you were beautiful.

In our golden hour, we dive into the cold. Those stories we were told, I hope this was for a cause.
Track Name: Blacked Out
High upon your hill. And would you even come to question how? Swallow all your pills because the timelines change direction now and forever. Shall we fight again and lose all hope that somewhere you would change me? But I remain the same - in vain. Black me out again.

It takes a lot to wash it down and hold a flame to your very flashy, condescending lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I'd never be the one to blame you. Bloodthirsty wolves draw closer with each frantic mile. So can you tell me, would we love again or lose all hope that somewhere I would change you? But your remain the same - in vain, blacked out.

Romance overdone, you left with all the answers. Float around the sun and swallow all the embers. Can't you tell me when you'll black me out again?
Track Name: White Ring
Wrote you into a story book ending with both our lives. No two words carry the same weight of time lost between the lines.

So far we've come and gone...

10,000 sounds would greet you there, eyes fixed on photographs. Put down the cross you keep to bear, wealth gained from the hope we have to carry on...

This ring of white binds us for life.

I want to make you my only one. I sure hope this doesn't change me or you into the sun.
Track Name: Stranger Things
You stole away and wait around in a bunker underground. Fill up the gas cans and close your eyes - you're gonna need to for when the ashes start to fly.

Simple process ends all progress. Would you send for my love once more? Night birds slow songs, the words came out all wrong. Death knocks at your door, would you be there sleeping?

Everything ever over and over again, Amen.

Invite you in from the cold. I'd do it all to keep the blood flow from turning old.

Night birds slow songs, the words came out all wrong. Death knocks at your window, would you be there sleeping?

Let's ride it out...

Stranger things have not happened yet. To be stronger still...

To be stronger still, would it kill you?